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Porter Biggleswade is a paranormal investigator; she makes no apology. She can also see ghosts; she makes no apology for that either. Porter’s sceptics would rather she spend her time indulging Sauvignon Blanc than the gullible, but she's happy to do both. She certainly makes no apology for that!


Porter lives in York, where the locals feel slighted without a spectral squatter or two. But while some hauntings can be blamed on the weather or faulty wiring, not everything can be so easily explained. Ghosts are unpredictable and occasionally dangerous; a truth Porter learned the hard way.

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The Ghosts of Kings Cover - Amy


Nicknamed ‘the Shadow Reader’ for her ability to see ghosts, Porter Biggleswade is a straight-talking paranormal investigator. While Porter’s work takes her to the Bronte Museum in Haworth, ghostly feuds are the least of her worries. A woman haunted by her living mother, and a farmer plagued by spectral ewes show Porter that the living are as troubled as the shadows she investigates.


Shadows in the Mist is the first book in Amy Flint’s Porter Biggleswade series.

‘This book was fantastic!!! Not Your normal "Ghost Story'...but a well written novel with something for everyone...’  Tracy Ehlers (Goodreads)

‘This is a great start to a series! I'm looking forward to the next book!’ Cyndi (Goodreads)

‘An intriguing novel that will keep you turning the pages and make you keen to read the next book in the series!’ Erin T (Amazon) 

‘This is a fun read and a great start to an awesome series. If you like paranormal stories with a bit of a twist and some humor added, READ IT!!!’ (Goodreads)


Paranormal investigator Dr Porter Biggleswade is settling into her new life in York. While pensioners caught up in a ghostly battle, and civil war soldiers haunting a local pub are keeping her busy, a call from a friend takes her to a crumbling estate on the Yorkshire coast. Rumours are rife at Delavere Hall, with monks and a murder at the heart of them. Secret rooms, hidden passages, and sightings of ghostly monks and the Grey Lady fuel the intrigue. Porter agrees to investigate and discovers more than she bargained for.


The Haunting of Delavere Hall is the second book in Amy Flint’s Porter Biggleswade series.


There’s never a dull moment for paranormal investigator Porter Biggleswade. Newlyweds Bernard and Jill don’t think wedded life is so blissful after their honeymoon. Two weeks in Egypt, and now Bernard is being haunted. The case takes her to the Valley of the Kings, where the past catches up with her. But can she really right an ancient wrong?

The Ghosts of Kings is the third book in Amy Flint’s Porter Biggleswade series.

‘A very well written ghostly mystery. I absolutely love ghost stories, and this definitely topped them all.’ K L Fennel (Goodreads)

 ‘I was excited to read this and it did not disappoint. The series has some fantastic characters and the plot is gripping…’ Rachel (Goodreads) 

'... a real page-turner of hauntings, secret rooms and historical interlopers. Looking forward to the third book in the series.' Alex Bols (Amazon)

‘I do love those strong female heroines. Looking forward to more of this series!’ Jen L (Amazon)

‘I really enjoyed this story. Like, didn't get things done and stayed up all night reading kind of enjoyed.’  Meghann (Goodreads) 

‘The characters are brilliantly drawn, the storylines are intriguing and the writing is full of wry humour which I really enjoyed.' Stuart W (Goodreads)

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