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Looking for a good read? Set in York? Written in York? Looking for a good book for your reading group? A York author for an upcoming event? A York writer to visit your school? Then click here! York Authors showcases the books of professional authors writing in the historic city of York, in the north of England.


Pennine Paranormal Society "PPS" is a small group founded by Si Booth & Chris Whitehouse. Located in Haworth near Keighley, PPS investigates paranormal sightings and happenings from a scientific perspective, but also uses traditional techniques, such as "Spirit Boards" and "Table Tipping" (Table Turning).



Cambridgeshire Ghost Research (CGR) was formed in 2006 to conduct serious study, research and Investigation into all types of paranormal phenomena in Cambridgeshire and the surrounding counties. CGR offer all of our services and time free of charge. Our primary objective is one of learning, understanding more about the paranormal field and to gather evidence for or against the existence of paranormal phenomena.

The Ashfield Paranormal Investigation Team, more commonly known as T.A.P.I.T, was formed in 2006 to investigate anomalous cases of reported ghosts, apparitions, haunting and poltergeist phenomena. The Ashfield Paranormal team will conduct an investigation at any reputed haunted location or investigate any ghost story or sighting.



The Luton Paranormal Society has been investigating the world of the paranormal since 2003. The Luton Paranormal Society holds a number of different paranormal events throughout the year not all relating to haunting’s as we cover the wide range of paranormal activities including UFO’s and timeslips.

Are you interested in the ghosts of England?  Well English Ghosts is the site for you.  The site includes ghost stories from two particularly haunted areas, Whitby on England's North Sea coast and the teeming metropolis of London.


Formed in 2011, The Florida Bureau of Paranormal Investigation (FBPI) investigates claims of paranormal activity. Employing methods used by both the law enforcement and the professional paranormal community, FBPI works tirelessly to seek the truth.



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